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IVANKA is the leading designer concrete brand renowned for its progressive design and technological solutions with concrete. For over a decade now IVANKA has been constantly searching and exceeding the boundaries of concrete. IVANKA was founded by Katalin Ivanka and Andras Ivanka in 2002. By today the Budapest headquartered company has worldwide presence.

Since its inception, IVANKA has made a name for adding a design perspective to what is otherwise widely viewed as an industrial material. Their Collection’s biggest ‘hits’ are the ‘archetypical’ PANELS as exterior cladding and the FLASTER Tiles in endless personalized configurations. The brand is famous for its highly customized solutions, such as vanity units, monolith exposed staircases, sculpted surface aesthetics, lightweight, light transmitting, perforated, engraved and graphical applications.


Katarzyna Wodzyńska