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Everyone loves to be surrounded with beautiful items. Working in an aesthetically pleasing, friendly environment improves the well-being and productivity of employees. That is why investing in premium office furniture pays itself back.

Good design is characterised by purity of form but even the cleanest design sometimes gets dirty. In order to enjoy beautiful furniture and floorings for many years, they should be properly taken care of. Professional maintenance will prolong their durability and will ensure that they look fantastic. This will make the investment money well spent. In public spaces, such as shopping centers, designer furniture are used intensely and require regular care.

We are aware of the fact that the customer will only be fully satisfied when the purchased product remain in perfect condition. This is why we have included a service of professional cleaning and maintenance in our offer - Clean Design. We can provide a one-off cleaning service or a continued maintenance of furniture and flooring. At our disposal we have modern equipment which helps to keep the cleaned products in perfect condition. Our cleaners cannot be bought in any store. We use a special mixture prepared individually, according to the specifics of a product. Clean Design team is made up of professionals who value quality.

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