We created M.Mag in order to tell stories about what’s most interesting in the world of architecture and design of commercial, office and public spaces.

For 25 years we’ve been furnishing offices and shopping centres. We have witnessed  up close changing trends, technological discoveries, aesthetic metamorphoses. Since the beginning “modernity” has been one of the most important key-words for us: modern office, modern space, modern shopping centre. We observe with great interest how those notions change in time. “modern office” 5 or 10 (not to mention 25) years ago meant something completely different than today. That’s why when presenting new products, solutions and technologies we will tell more broadly about the context of their creation as well as industry trends: what are the needs that set them in motion and where they lead.

We will write about all that attracts our attention (among others – the giant revitalization project of Battersea Power Station in London) as well as selected designers and companies – both those only several years old, taking the world of design by storm, and those who remained a family business for generations, using their extensive experience and adapting it to contemporary conditions and values.

We believe in design and architecture not only because of their ability to embroider reality. Visual attractiveness is actually only a part of what’s on offer. New functions and sometimes completely new types of furniture speak volumes about our needs and expectations. Innovative materials are an expression of human creativity and team effort of engineers and designers reflects a new model of creative cooperation. Modern offices and shopping centres, undergoing constant changes, are an answer to the question, how do we want to live?

This is the perspective from which we will be observing those changes. We invite you to reading and look forward to meeting you in one of our showrooms in Powiśle Warsaw.