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Marro projects

During Warsaw Home Expo 2018 many times we had the pleasure of presenting our projects in offices and shopping centres. For those who are interested but couldn't visit us in Nadarzyn we present the digital versions of 3 catalogues with our selected projects.

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Greenery and acoustics in offices

Not only furniture influences how pleasurable it is to be in a given space. It's important to think holistically. That's why "biophilic design" is increasingly popular among architects.

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Where two talk, the third one… is angry

How does cutting-edge research influence the way workspaces are designed? On Friday, October 5 (15:00 on the main stage in Hall F) Ilkka Kaikuvuo, co-founder and Head of R&D at Framery, manufacturer of world-recognised acoustic booths, will share his insights.

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A meeting in a pod

During this year's NeoCon Fair in Chicago, Framery presented a new mnodel of its acoustic pod: 2Q. It's designed with meetings in mind; in comparison with its predecessor (Framery Q), it has twice as much space. Coupled with a quiet and efficient air conditioning system, carefully designed details and LED lighting, it creates a comfortable environment for business meetings of 4-6 persons.

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Office silence

In a world full of stimuli more often than not we need… peace and quiet. Acoustics in the office is something which attracts the attention not only of architects but also of investors and office managers.

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