Acoustics above all

For the Cracow office of ABB, acoustic comfort was of paramount importance. Employees have access to Air3 acoustic pods by Orangebox, perfect for meetings and quiet work. They do not lose their focus when their colleagues talk on the phone thanks to Framery O booths installed near work stations. And the whole design is complemented by soft seating by Hay, EFG, Pedrali. For the ABB project we made custom cabinets, copy rooms, sofas and upholstered walls.

Comprehensive furnishing of the office:

Conference rooms: conference desks, tables and

chairs by Arper and Haworth

Mixed zones: soft seating by Hay, EFG, Pedrali, Softline

Framery phone booths

Acoustic pods by Orangebox

Custom: cabinets, copy rooms, sofas and upholstered walls


Architect: InDesign

Cracow, 2016

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