Office landscapes

Reception desk formed like a crystal, atom-shaped lamps and chill-out zones resembling beaches or forests – the AstraZeneca office was designed by Massive Design with attention to every detail, creating an attractive work space. We provided furniture for conference rooms and mixed zones, as well as Bolon flooring which added their distinctive atmosphere to the interiors. Custom made items include: reception desk, benches, tables and the boat-shaped sofa.

Comprehensive furnishing of the office:

Conference rooms: desks, chairs, cabinets, conference tables by Haworth and Actiu

Mixed zones: soft seating by Vitra, Magis, Prostoria, Hay, Paged, Cane-line, Buzzispace, Orangebox, Moroso, Blå Station and others; beach chairs, hammocks

Flooring: Bolon

Custom: benches, tables, boat-sofa, decorative sails

Reception desk


Architect: Massive Design

Warsaw, 2016

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