Polish inspirations

The unique JLL office, designed by the Tétris studio, was created in the Warsaw Spire. The individual rooms are based on Polish culture, art and landscapes. The conference rooms bear catchy names: Amber, Forest, Sea, and the walls are decorated with depictions of Nicolaus Copernicus or Marie Skłodowska Curie. In the JLL office we comprehensively furnished conference rooms and mixed zones. Apart from standard furniture, we custom made tables of various sizes. Also interesting are the meeting pods by Mikomax, which feature very original design.

Comprehensive furnishing of the office:

Conference rooms, mixed zones: chairs, tables, soft seating by Paged, Lammhults, Magis, Vitra, Actiu, Ton, Haworth

Mikomax meeting pods

Custom furniture: stools, tables, high tables


Architect: Tétris

Warsaw, 2015

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