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For more than 30 years the Italian company Luceplan has been creating exceptional interior and exterior lamps, which are among the most beautiful and the most innovative in the lighting industry. Many of Luceplan’s products are considered works of art. Some of them can be found in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The company has relied on innovativeness, experimental solutions and quality from the very beginning. Today, its offer includes a wide range of floor, ceiling, wall and desk lamps. 

Luceplan’s lamps, which have won numerous awards, are works of the most famous designers, such as Francisco Gomez Paz, Ross Lovegrove and Odile Decq. ‘Hope’ is a unique lamp designed by Francisco Gomez Paza and Paolo Rizzatto, which is a reinterpretation of traditional chandeliers of polished crystal. The crystal elements have been replaced by Frensel lenses made of a thin polycarbonate, glittering with a thousand reflections of light. ‘Hope’ won the Reddot, Good Design and the Compasso d’Oro awards. It can be seen in our showroom at ul. Lipowa, just like ‘Counterbalance’ designed by the Norwegian Daniel Rybakken. ‘Counterbalance’ is a wall lamp that seems to defy the laws of physics. Its exceptionally long, thin arm is balanced by a weight, while the overall design has a minimalist, graphic nature. 

Luceplan’s desk lamps have been designed to add a little home warmth and personality to office space. Their forms are simple, universal, archetypical. But inside, they are poweed by cutting-edge technology. Even the iconic Costanza, referring to the traditional lampshade, brilliant in its simplicity, is extremely modern and can emit light at four levels of intensity.


Katarzyna Wodzyńska