Wyborowa Pernod Ricard

Atmosphere comes first


The Warsaw office of Pernod Ricard, the owner of such brands as Wyborowa, Ballantines and Jameson, was going to be original and unique from the get-go, both in terms of its aesthetics and its organisational solutions. This is visible for instance in one of the conference rooms having been styled as a London underground station, and other rooms being imaginatively based on the character of the brands belonging to Pernod Ricard. We furnished conference tables and mixed zones.

Comprehensive furnishing of the office:

Conference rooms, mixed zones: chairs, tables, soft seating by Paged, Arper, Actiu, Vitra, Magis, Lammhults, Pedrali, Softline, Hay, Tolix, Kartell, Vank

Mikomax meeting pods

Custom furniture


Architect: Massive Design

Warsaw, 2015

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