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Newest projects. Product launches. Events.

Introducing Framery Smart Pods: a better place – and way – to work

Leaving traditional office meeting rooms and earlier soundproof pods behind, Framery’s new, innovative pods - Framery One Compact, Framery Four and Framery Six - deliver greater user benefits, are more sustainable, improve over time, and cost less than the models they replace.

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60th birthday of Pedrali

Our CEO Robert Pełka had the privilege of partaking in an event celebrating 60th birthday of Pedrali, one of the most important Italian furniture companies. It’s a special partner for Marro since it was one of the first companies with which we cooperated.

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Mikhail Baryshnikov in Warsaw

Famous dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov visited Warsaw to support Teal House, a project by our friend – a distinguished Polish/Russian director Ivan Vyrypaev.

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Bolon in a university space

In the renovation of Karolinska Institutet’s Student Centre, Stockholm’s medical school’s student facility, the architects at WHITE aimed to create a design concept that reflects the purpose and the history of the building - Bolon floorings helped to achieve that goal.

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Twins with the Wallpaper award

The Twins lounge chair wins the Wallpaper Design Awards 2023 for the Best Outdoor Lounge category. This seat is the result of the perfect combination of the designer’s experience and EMU’s know-how. The award has been assigned by an important jury made up of the most renowned names in the world of art, design and fashion.

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7 Biophilic Design Elements to Create a Greener Space

It has been scientifically proven that incorporating biophilic designs into the workspace has significant benefits to our health and well-being, on top of seeing an increase in productivity, cognitive ability, creativity, and concentration. As greenery continues on its meteoric rise of being one of the biggest design trends, we present a few ideas by BuzziSpace on how to create your own biophilic and nature-inspired microenvironments.

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