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Newest projects. Product launches. Events.

Marro for WOŚP

Marro takes part in the Great Orchestra Of Christmas Charity (WOŚP)! In order to support diagnostics and pediatric ophthalmology we have created an auction for the DRUM set (chair and ottoman) made by the legendary, avant-garde Italian brand Cappellini (design: Mac Stopa, 2016). This year's participation takes place within the frames of "Architects play for WOŚP", an initiative by critic and curator of architecture Marcin Szczelina. We invite you to bid in all the auctions - let's beat last year's record!

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TRULY: new Bolon collection

- We’re never hiding in a corner hoping to be noticed, instead we relentlessly chose to break new ground - says Annica Eklund, Bolon Creative Director. - It's the same with our floorings. The Swedish brand is launching a new collection: Truly. It can make any interior special.

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Everything is a stage set

Pandemic reality forces us to test new formats of spheres that we know: work, house and social life, education of children. Our spaces in Powiśle also undergo a metamorphosis.

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Framery products with the best soundproofing result

Framery Acoustics officially wins in the best soundproofing pod category!

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New approach to designing offices: click & work!

Instead of a complex and waste generating renovation... a few clicks and a new office is ready! Kettal has presented an innovative Pavillion O. It's a modular system offering completely new possibilities in office design. Diverse modules allow for creating diverse, fully functional zones. If a need arises, they can be easily dismantled, both partially (rearranging) or completely (moving of the office). It's especially important today, as work spaces undergo rapid changes and some of the most important features of an office are safety and flexibility.

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All about #sustainability in offices

Due to the pandemic, the issue of sustainable design gained a new depth. With the hybrid models of work becoming increasingly popular (as well as new expectations of employees) the office has become a space where well-being, health and sustainable development will play a key role. That’s why, together with our strategic partner Haworth, we invite you to an online meeting (June 23, 11:00): Attractive through Sustainability. Approaches for a common future.

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