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Newest projects. Product launches. Events.

New Bolon collection: Emerge

„Emerge” is not only the name of the new collection. It's a whole new chapter, which, in keeping with its name, emerges from virtual reality.

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Too many stimuli, too little time

"Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most" - the words of Mark Twain can be interpreted in various ways, but the truth is, that every day we have to deal with an increasing number of distracting stimuli. Irrespectively of whether we work in the office or at home, excessive stimuli distract us from what is important. How to work efficiently and with pleasure? Interesting solutions are provided by researchers working for Framery, a Finnish manufacturer of acoustic pods. - Understanding the mental state that allows employees to thrive is at the center of our product development - they say.

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Art of lithography by Piotr Kasprzak

Lithography is an old graphic technique. It is time-consuming and incorporates natural materials: handmade paper, most often from cotton. It was created 200 years ago in Bavaria and involves printing on lithographic stones. In our Dobra Showroom you can see and buy large format lithographies by Piotr Kasprzak.

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Can design be ecological?

How to reconcile the contradictions in a world of ecological challenges and restrictions? The answer to the question posed by the organisers was provided by distinguished architects by means of their projects: Zbigniew Maćkow told about Kotłownia refurbishment (located in former PaFaWag), Władysław Grochowski (ARCHE) together with Piotr Grochowski and Wojciech Kolęda told about Cukrownia Żnin, Szymon Wojciechowski (APA Wojciechowski) and Krzysztof Pykel about Port Praski, Przemo Łukasik (Medusa Group) together with Waldemar Olbryk (Echo Investment) about Fuzja in Łódź.

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Scenarios for office of the future

Wondering what the future of work will look like? Because of the pandemic, new working realities have sprung upon us. Now is the time to think about what's next. In the latest BuzziAcademy 3.0 series, BuzziSpace will share its vision on the future ways of hybrid working. In each session, experts will provide tips, thought-starters, inspirational settings, and ideas on how you can shape your bespoke happy and healthy hybrid way of working.

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Vitra Summit 2020

We're counting down days to Vitra Summit 2020. During the 2 day event together with designers, architects, scientists and other experts from around the world we will seek answers to questions connected with the giant socio-economic experiment which is still ongoing. Will the office disappear, and if so, will we miss it? Will the freedom to work from anywhere lead to deserted cities?

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