Fotel biurowy Fern, Haworth

Some say that creating a chair is the most difficult task a designer can face. Even more challenging is the design of office chairs, especially today when ergonomics and friendly office space are both hugely important.

For those who mostly sit at work, an office chair is a tool which directly contributes to wellbeing and productivity. It should be thought of as a personal object, which works with us harmoniously. It adjusts instead of unnecessarily resisting.

Fotele biurowe Fern, przykładowe wersje kolorystyczne

Haworth designers and engineers have created the Fern chair in cooperation with Human Performance Institute WMU. Fern can be adjusted to your most individual needs. Their research indicated that the chair’s seat should react to even the slightest movement of the user. It also confirmed the need to think of the human spine not only as a whole but also as individual parts..

That is why Fern adjusts itself to every movement of the user and contributes to their proper sitting position and body/back wellbeing. The support is adjusted to every part of the spine, from pectoral to sacral.

The key to comfort and elasticity is the advanced Wave Suspension™ technology. Haworth design team placed it inside the chair instead of outside it, as it’s usually done. This solution is inspired by the natural structure of a fern. It makes all the chair’s movements exceptionally fluid and smooth, whenever we’re reaching for something, turn back or simply leaning. Nothing unnecessary, which could hinder work.

Research in a lab and natural work space resulted in positive feedback. One of the differences between Fern and competing products noted by the users is a lack of tailbone discomfort, even after a longer period of sitting.

Fern has received the Red Dot award. We invite you to test the chair in our Dobra Showroom (ul. Leszczyńska 4, Warsaw).

Additional information can be provided by: Katarzyna Wodzyńska and Piotr Zych.

Fotel biurowy Fern, wersja executive