Aleja Bielany

Shopping centre with the size of 20 Wrocław Stadium playfields

Aleja Bielany is one of the largest shopping centres in Lower Silesia. Some highlights of its interior design include the colourful Oppo chairs by Blå Station, provided by Marro. We furnished the food court and common areas with furniture by: Arper, Vitra, Paged and others. Many new products in the shopping centre were custom made – including the solid wood benches and tables, as well as the wooden alcoves in the food court. The interesting sofas, original planters and the playground for children are eyecatchers as well.

Comprehensive furnishing of food court and common areas:

Chairs, tables, sofas: Blå Station, Arper, Vitra, Paged and others, litter bins, planters

Custom-made: playground, wooden benches and tables, wooden alcoves, sofas with built-in electric outlets


Usable floor area: 140 thousand m².

Architect: BPD, Goup-Arch, Niras

Investor: Ikea Centres Poland S.A.

Year: 2015

City: Bielany Wrocławskie



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