Safety is the priority. Face masks and disinfection stations have dominated the landscape of public spaces. It’s also worth remembering that equally important is mental comfort, a sense that we can safely use offices, hotels, restaurants or shopping centres.

That’s why together with our partners we have prepared a Safety Kit. It’s a set of tried and tested solutions thanks to which we can comprehensively care for hygiene and safety. Their goal is to prevent infections where the risk is highest:

Pakiet bezpieczeństwa Marro

Contaminated hands

A solution is provided by disinfection stations, biocidal preparations, compact products for disinfection (foams, tissues). The latter will be especially appreciated by persons with a sensitive skin: the preparations are based on biopolymers instead of alcohol. They do not contain substances  classified as dangerous or toxic, can be used by children. They are odourless and pleasant to use, and additionally contain aloe and B5 vitamin. After drying out they leave an invisible film which remains active for 4 hours on the skin (and a few days on surfaces).

Disinfection stations offered by us are distinguished by solid, durable construction and excellent subassembly quality (by German company Festo among others); by high efficiency (up to 12 000 applications on one portion of liquid) and easiness of use in any space (indoor and outdoor, without a need for outside recharging).

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Contaminated surfaces

The answer is provided by titan nanosurface, which can cover desks, chair upholstery, counters or other furniture. How does it work? Titan dioxide, oxidising by light, fights airborne organic substances, providing a steady protection. By means of photo-catalysis, free oxygen radicals are created which fight harmful microorganisms and cause their decay into harmless carbon dioxide and water. After application the nano surface hardens, and as a result it’s immune to attrition and retains its qualities for a long time (minimum 12 months).

Titan membranes are non-flammable, odourless and colourless. They protect surfaces from fading and loss of color caused by UV rays. Its additional advantage is cost-effectiveness (reduces the cost of everyday disinfection, does not generate additional cost of storing or transporting of chemicals) as well as comfort of use: application is quick and simple, does not require time consuming preparing of space. It’s enough to conduct the procedure once a year. The membrane may be applied directly on all kinds of surfaces, including plastic, wood or textile flooring. The method has a clinically proven efficiency for fighting coronavirus.

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Contaminated air

Problem is solved by air disinfection devices using UV-C rays. Natural airflow may be supported by mechanical ventilation. As a result, a large amount of air is regularly undergoing purification, deactivating all pathogens. It’s a solution well known from hospitals, and in time of pandemic it is heavily used in stores, shopping centers, banks, hotels, schools, offices, rest rooms and canteens.

Also available are models which may work with users of a space being present, without any risk for them. Efficiency range usually amounts to around 20 m2.

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The efficiency of all solutions is confirmed by certificates. An in-depth presentation is available here. All questions can be answered by Wojciech Niedziński, Jakub Lewalski and Marek Górski.