On November 25 and 26 we had the pleasure to host the XII Polish Conservational and Architectural Conference “Between orthodoxy and creation”. The event obviously had to have an online form and our Browarna showroom became the conference studio.

How to reconcile the contradictions in a world of ecological challenges and restrictions? The answer to the question posed by the organisers was provided by distinguished architects by means of their projects: Zbigniew Maćkow told about Kotłownia refurbishment (located in former PaFaWag), Władysław Grochowski (ARCHE) together with Piotr Grochowski and Wojciech Kolęda told about Cukrownia Żnin, Szymon Wojciechowski (APA Wojciechowski) and Krzysztof Pykel about Port Praski, Przemo Łukasik (Meusa Group) together with Waldemar Olbryk (Echo Investment) about Fuzja in Łódź.

We sought answers in design. Magda Garncarek, who deals with research and insights, told about solutions offered by design industry with regards to design and manufacturing in the closed circuit.

The starting point is the belief that at the stage of design and manufacturing decisions are made which have a much larger influence on the environment than later consumer behaviour. That’s why the responsibility of designers and manufacturers is to turn the popular model  „TAKE – MAKE – WASTE” into „MAKE – USE – RETURN”.

Thinking about design in purely aesthetic categories hasn’t been enough for some time. Today it’s important to think about it as a tool for creating a more sustainable future, and as a result: a better world. This can be done on multiple levels, for example choice of materials, production process, business models.

Below there are listed links provided by Magda as well as details for interested Conference Participants.

Roman Krznaric, „How to be a good ancestor”


BAUX Acoustic Pulp: the first in the world 100% biological material, combining acoustics, safety and durability with sustainable growth and modern aesthetics. 

It does not contain any chemical substances, the list of ingredients is consistently natural: Swedish firs and pines from sustainable forests, water (recovered), wheat bran (GMO free), potato starch, plant wax, citrus fruit skins.

More information here.

Really Copenhagen (Kvadrat): acoustic panels used for furniture manufacturing. Made from waste (not only Kvadrat but also fashion industry and laundry waste).

Really website

Chairs made from 100% recycled materials: TipTon RE (Vitra), Remind (Pedrali) and Babila XL (Pedrali).


Systemic approach to sustainable production by the Swedish company BOLON: https://www.bolon.com/en/sustainability

Innovative technological park Actiu in Spain (the largest in Europe photovoltaic rooftop installation, generating 7 millions kWh of sunlight energy – 6 times more than Actiu demand for energy!) 



Circular Lighting, Signify: light as a… service: https://www.signify.com/global/lighting-services/managed-services/circular-lighting

Thank you to all the Participants for taking part in the Conference, we invite you to direct contact or through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.