Pandemic reality forces us to test new formats of spheres that we know: work, house and social life, education of children. These changes cause a shift in how we arrange our spaces. They become more flexible and multifunctional.

Our spaces in Powiśle also undergo a metamorphosis. In cooperation with our partners we are testing innovative solutions. Together with architects we are looking for arrangements of work spaces which which will meet the expectations and wishes of their users.

Sometimes we host projects which don’t have anything to do with office or real estate industry but need a well designed space. One of such initiatives is the School of Theatre by Ivan Vyrypaev, which is partially held in our Dobra showroom and which we are honored to support.

Szkoła Teatru Iwana Wyrypajewa

With a slight surprise we observe how the setting that we know from our everyday activity functions in a completely new context. Those same office furniture, arranged differently help in other kinds of activities.

Much is said these days about the need for flexible offices which can be quickly adapted to current needs, That’s why increasingly popular are furniture on wheels, modular furniture and multifunctional solutions. However, flexibility written into a project brief is not enough. The most difficult task for today and for the future is to include it as a value of a corporate culture.

photos: Pasha Kritchko