Desks designed by brilliant designers in mid XX century, classic and contemporary chairs, practical additions and humorous accessories – as far as visually attractive and functional home office is concerned, Vitra has all the necessary solutions.

Among office chairs highly popular are: Rookie, ID Soft and ID Mesh. Rookie (designed by Konstantin Grcic, 2018) is a small, agile and – by office standards – unconventionally simple chair. It provides a high level of immediate comfort with a minimal number of adjustments.

Vitra, krzesła do biurka Rookie (projekt: Konstantin Grcic)

ID Soft harmonises well with diverse architectural environments. The backrest of this office chair is height-adjustable, thus providing even very tall users with adequate support in the upper shoulder region. Translucent fabric of ID Mesh allows air to circulate and offers sustained comfort even in warmer temperatures. ID Mesh can be optionally outfitted with a clothes hanger or headrest.

Vitra, fotele biurowe ID

Some chairs were designed with office in mind, others with kitchen or dining room. But there are also models which fit any space where they are needed. Their versatility is especially useful in a home office arrangement.

Vitra, krzesła DSX (projekt: Charles i Ray Eames)

Accesories: practical and aesthetic. From classic patterns to contemporary models. They will help to organise your desk and will provide a perfect background for video calls.

Vitra, akcesoria