Marro takes part in the Great Orchestra Of Christmas Charity (WOŚP)! In order to support diagnostics and pediatric ophthalmology we have created an auction for the DRUM set (chair and ottoman) made by the legendary, avant-garde Italian brand Cappellini. The chair’s author is Mac Stopa (2016), one of the most famous Polish designers, creator of Massive Design interior planning and design firm, winner of many international awards, including: “Best of NeoCon Gold Award”, “ICONIC AWARD: Interior Innovation”, numerous “Red Dot Design Award”, “GOOD DESIGN™ Award” and “Interior Design Best of Year Award”.

Mac Stopa is know for his love for geometric forms, mathematical precision and organic, sculpture-like form. DRUM is made from polyurethane foam of various density, which provides maximum comfort. The upholstery is made from elastic fabric with 3D pattern, typical of the designer.

DRUM looks good as a stand-alone pice of furniture but thanks to its modular character, it can create larger groups. It fits into both private and public spaces (Warsaw Spire among others). DImensions: 106,5 cm (width) x 87 cm (depth). Height: 147,5 cm, Seat height: 40 cm. Ottoman dimensions: 45 cm (height) x 54 cm (width) x 45,5 cm (depth).

This year’s participation takes place within the frames of “Architects play for WOŚP”, an initiative by critic and curator of architecture Marcin Szczelina, founder of “Architecture Snob” magazine. Excellent, dedicated architects as well as companies put up for auction not only products but also experiences. For example, Zbigniew Maćków offers a weekend in “Igloo” House, created by prof. Witold Lipiński (who also created the famous Śnieżka observatory). Piotr Grochowski and Wojciech Kolęda, architects from the group Less is Core put up for auction a tour of the revitalized sugar refinery Żnin. We invite you to discover all the auctions.

Money collected this year will be spent on support of diagnostics and pediatric ophthalmology – they will be put in 25 hospital wards which need modern equipment in order to save the eyesight of children and take care of preventing illnesses. This year’s Great Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is held under the motto “See the light!”.

In previous years, over 250 thousand zlotys were collected. We keep our fingers crossed for the 2022 edition to break that record!

Link to the Allegro auction.