Having two Michelin stars requires a special space – Agli Amici restaurant in Udine has completely refurbished its lounge/entrance room. As a result, it created a space hich seems to be suspended in time and at the same time very comfortable acoustically thanks to EchoBoard ceiling panels by EchoJazz.

After passing the entrance curtain, you find yourself inside a precious box where architecture, furnishings and fabrics are all immersed in a warm shade of blue. It is illuminated by the presence of a large light installation allowing the space to change the atmosphere thanks to colored light. At the center of the space, the geometric volume made up of two separable elements on wheels serves as a counter for preparing cocktails directly at the table. On the ceiling, the sound-absorbing EchoBoard serves to create a muffled atmosphere while hiding the light points that sculpt the space with bright accents only where necessary.

The blue lounge designed by Visual Display with wall decor and surface design by 3D WALL PANELS ITALIA.

EchoJazz products use 100% PET with a share of at least 50% recycled PET.

Photographed by Alessandro Paderni.