The Nest collection is one of the most popular positions in the portfolio of Danish brand +Halle. Sofas, tables and chairs with various heights (standard and hocker) provide a feeling of comfort and a more informal workspace. It’s possible to either sit or stand while naturally maintaining eye contact, making interaction and cooperation more varied and dynamic.

During Stockholm fair, designers from Form Us WIth Love presented a new addition to the collection: modular tables, which can be used to create diverse arrangements. – We have used previously designed furniture for observing how they are actually used – says Martin Halle, creative director at +Halle. –It turned out that they appreciate the most: a high table, individual space and a sense of scale.

The purpose of a modular system is to create a natural feeling of community. A large, central table, which instead of a straight line creates a diversified, surprising space, is an ideal tool for this. It will be perfect both for a large group or a few smaller teams. Such solutions are especially efficient during reorganistation of office space.

Nest Table System (+Halle), project: Form Us With Love, material: steel, powder coated frame, table top made with Fenix anti-fingerprint laminate (with a matte surface); height: 140 cm.