Bolon - firma rodzinna

Bolon is a Swedish vanguard in the world of flooring. Flooring woven from vinyl threads is designed with office, hotel and commercial spaces in mind. The company embraces the idea that even in high-traffic spaces, instead of being a mere functional, obligatory (and boring) background for more refine objects, flooring deserves attention. And to be in the foreground.

Since 2003 the Swedish family business is headed by sisters Marie (CEO) and Annica (CCO). Bolon flooring is manufactured locally in Ulricehamn, Southern Sweden. One of the most important aspects of the company philosophy – apart from original design – is environemental sustainability. New collections are to a large degree manufactured from recycled materials; use of chemicals during production is minimised; since 2014 all collections are free from phtalates. The company name comes from Swedish words “BOmull” (cotton) and nyLON.

The story of Bolon started in 1949 when the sisters’ grandfather, Nils Erik Eklund, while smoking cigar, noticed scraps discarded by a nearby factory. Since it happned shortly after the war and it was frowned upon to waste anything, Nils Eklund decided to find a new purpose for what he found. First he created decorative kilim carpets and next… camping rag rugs, which became the company’s main product for several decades.

Marie and Annika always gladly and proudly tell about their grandfather – thinking outside the box is a hereditary in this family. But when the time came for the third generation to take over in the company, the sisters were hardly convinced that they want to be a part of the family business. Marie was a model during that time, while Annica was a professional horse rider. After a longer consideration they announced, that if they are to attend any industry fairs, they prefer design fairs to touristic ones.

Zespół Bolon

Accordingly, they started putting the family brand onto new track and a global market. Lucky coincidences and well-thought choices led to a cooperation with Armani (he gave them courage and motivation at the very beginning –  more about it here), house Missoni, Jean Nouvel, Giulio Capellin, Tom Dixon and many others with a restless mind.

The whole story, like most founding myths, may seem a little romantic but, contrary to appearances, Bolon has a down-to-earth attitude. Today, apart from finished collections, Bolon offers solutions, which support creative freedom of architects, for example the Bolon By You tool.

Bolon floorings are present in many commercial and public spaces in over 45 countries around the world: from prestigious banks, offices and design studios to silent libraries and such demanding interiors like airports and luxurious stores.

In Poland they are, among others: Pixel, Poznań head office of Allegro Group, ING Bank headquarters in Warsaw and Katowice, Bristol, Westin and Bryza hotels as well as many shopping centres. In total, we have laid over 50 000 square metres of Bolon floorings. Ask us any questions concerning Bolon: Marek Górski and Maria Nowak.

Tkalnia Bolon w szwedzkim Ulricehamn