An average person spends over 11 hours in a sitting position. From the perspective of the history of evolution, a sedentary lifestyle is a very new phenomenon: present in the last 150 years. Our bodies are adapted to movement. We need it in order to be in a good shape.

Sitting is the new smoking

– There is a widespread belief that it’s enough to jog a few times in the week in order to balance our long-lasting sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way – says Eric Soehngen, doctor and author of the book “Death by Sitting”. Irrespectively of sport activity “after working hours, sitting is harmful for humans.  Medical research shows that it brings real threats to our health: back pain, risk of  diabetes, heart illness, stroke, cancer, depression and many illnesses which could be avoided. – he stresses.

The function of Walkolution is simple: create working conditions which wouldn’t force us to give up on movement. The solution has received German Design Award 2021 and IDA Design Awards, Gold Winner 2020.

– There is no ideal working position and every monotony is tiresome in the long term – explains dr Soehngen. – That’s why we designed Walkolution around concepts of intuitive and spontaneous changes of position. In contrast to changing between sitting and standing in a traditional desk, position change in the Walkolution system is fluid and happens subconsciously.

The treadmill is mobile and silent. No engine means no bothersome noise. Thanks to a well-thought out design and the use of natural wood, Walkolution is a good fit in various interiors, both public (Offices, hotels, restaurants, schools) and homes.

The private usage is gaining popularity during the pandemic, when children and grown-ups spend a lot of time behind closed doors. It turns out that hours spent on meetings and online lessons don’t have to mean inertness. The Walkolution is compact and mobile, so it can be easily carries across rooms and balcony or terrace.

Marro is the exclusive Polish distributor of the product. We invite you to test it in our showroom in Lipowa 7a (Warsaw Powiśle).