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Newest projects. Product launches. Events.

Marro projects

During Warsaw Home Expo 2018 many times we had the pleasure of presenting our projects in offices and shopping centres. For those who are interested but couldn't visit us in Nadarzyn we present the digital versions of 3 catalogues with our selected projects.

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Design, the Italian way

Giulio Cappellini, our special guest a at Warsaw Home Expo 2018 fair is someone... who needs an introduction.

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Greenery and acoustics in offices

Not only furniture influences how pleasurable it is to be in a given space. It's important to think holistically. That's why "biophilic design" is increasingly popular among architects.

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How we are creating nests: the Nest collection

This kind of furniture helps maintain individuality in a diverse group of people. They give a sense of freedom and create a good environment for fostering new forms of interactions and cooperation. We will show them during Warsaw Home Expo 2018 (hall F, stand 4.15). Jonas Pettersson, CEO at Form Us With Love, the studio which designed the Nest collection, will be a special guest at the event.

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Furniture like building blocks: GRID

Designed by Peter J. Lassen, GRID modular furniture system is a good solution in spaces of various sizes and functions as well as all kinds of architecture functions. It's used in hotels, offices, showrooms, restaurants, stores, galleries and libraries around the world.

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Light workshops: Catellani & Smith

When Catellani designs, light itself plays the starring role - the fitting is only a tool. he sees a momentary glimmer and thinks how to frame it in the fitting. As a result, a random spectacle becomes repetitive and available for others.

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