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Newest projects. Product launches. Events.

The opposite of success is…

What is the opposite of success? The most common answer is "failure". But according to Wojciech Herra it's really mediocrity, a situation when you don't allow yourself to fail.

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“Monday”: normality and sensation

Theatre doesn't need radical manifestos in order to stir emotions. Sometimes the biggest sensation hides in simple topics and normal situations.

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Tables on the cusp

The Nest collection is one of the most popular positions in the portfolio of Danish brand +Halle. Sofas, tables and chairs with various heights (standard and hocker) provide a feeling of comfort and a more informal workspace. During Stockholm fair, designers from Form Us WIth Love presented a new addition to the collection: modular tables.

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Diversity of Bolon

- Development of the Bolon brand wouldn't be possible if we didn't believe in diversity: diversity of talents, perspectives and techniques - says Marie Eklund, CEO of Bolon. That's why the new collection, which premieres in the 70th year of the company's existence, is not only called "Diversity" but above all was designed to enhance the architects' freedom of choice.

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How to turn a product into art?

A well known Italian illustrator, Federico Babina, has accepted a commission from Actiu. The Spanish company asked him to graphically reinterpret some of their office furniture. As a result of this collaboration were abstract compositions directs attention from a piece of furniture to basic components of design: shapes, colours, textures and proportions.

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Powiśle meetings

The energy of Powiśle is a perfect background for one of a kind events and creative meetings. As an owner of three local showrooms we are pleased to be able to co-organise some of them. This time we celebrated the second birthday of WEDA, a creative production house founded by Ivan Vyrypaev and Karolina Gruszka. The event was attended by special guest Mikhail Baryshnikov.

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